Helen Langdon\'s ?Caravaggio?

by The Open University

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Accounts of Caravaggio's life are filled with suggestions of murder and intrigue. But does knowing more about this dark artist's experiences help us to interpret his art? Or does understanding his motivations cloud their true meaning? This unit explores the biographical monograph, one of the most common forms of art history writing.

Table of Contents

Learning outcomes
1.1 Biography and art history
1.2 The myth of the artist
1.3 Artists' ‘Lives’
1.4 The artist's ‘Life’ as a historical source
1.5 Further reading
2.1 Understanding an artist's art
2.1 ‘Every painter paints himself’?
2.3 Biography and psychobiography
2.4 The intentional fallacy
2.5 Is the author dead?
2.6 Caravaggio's sexuality
2.7 Art, life and the interpretation of pictures
2.8 Further reading
3.1 Three interpretative methods
3.2 Interpretation beyond biography
3.3 ‘Intentionality’
3.4 Further reading
4 Conclusion
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