Frequently asked questions

What is dripread?
dripread provides a way to read books (or any other content) by being drip fed a small amount of information each day. This page of information is sent by email.
What does dripread mean?
The word 'dripread' is an adaptation of the word dripfeed, with the word 'feed' replaced by the word 'read'. If you like, a dripfeed of reading material. A slow steady stream of information which is easy to process in the normal flow of life.
How does dripread work?
Readers first create a free account and upload their own ebooks (or select a book from the existing library), dripread will then store the ebook and serialise a page to the readers email address, simple.
Does it cost anything?
Nope, it's totally free!
What format do the Ebooks have to be in to upload?
Ebooks have to be in the EPub format
Are any other formats supported apart from EPub?
Not at present. I would like to add PDF in future. Please send me requests for what formats you would like supported to
Do I have to create an account to use dripread?
No, you can simply subscribe to receive installments of an existing book from the library by supplying your email address and clicking 'Start delivery of this book' link. You will receive a validation email to make sure we can get emails to you. All you have to do is confirm you want to receive installments is click the confirmation link in the email.
Why should I bother creating a free account?
Well for one, you get to upload your own books and secondly you get to see what books you are currently reading and modify your subscriptions in the 'my books' section.
What if I have a book or other document I want to dripread but it's not in EPub format?
The book must be converted to EPub format before it can be used by dripread. We recomend the excellent free software Calibre at, which can convert many formats to EPub
I have received the first installment but the page is either blank, a broken image, or just a title?
This is a problem as some of the books have cover pages and other introduction pages before the story actually starts. You can skip these pages by clicking the 'next installment' link at the bottom of the email. You will then be emailed the next page. Repeat this until you find the start of the story. In future we're hoping to fix this problem and make the first email omit the front cover and other ancillary pages
How can I set my current reading installment
Through My Books (You will need to log in), select the book and you can then set the current reading installment.